Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday Update

This is Tiffany's sister Ashley posting an update. Nathan had asked if I would give an update from the day that I was with Tiff at the hospital this week. Tiff made a lot of progress while I was with her on Thursday! When I first arrived at the hospital, she was needing help with her oxygen when she slept. Otherwise her oxygen levels would drop too low and set off her alarm. By Thursday afternoon she was sleeping fine without the extra oxygen.

She was able to get cleaned up and have her hair washed yesterday. She seemed to start feeling a lot better after that. A burst of energy followed and she was walking the halls and in very good spirits. Tiff was determined to walk as much as possible to get the extra gas from the surgery out. She went above and beyond trying to walk it out but it is stuck and causing her quite a bit of pain.

Tiffany had been on a clear liquid diet but the doctor approved her to have some broth and not more than an hour or so later a full course dinner arrived. Tiff and I thought it was a mistake at first (because usually if you're unable to pass the gas they don't let you eat) but they assured us the doctor had ordered it. Being her first meal since Monday, she took it easy and was able to keep down what she ate.

Thursday night she developed a low grade fever. She had it for a couple hours. It concerned Tiff and she asked Nathan to give her a blessing. Not too long after her blessing the nurse came in to check on her. Nathan asked them to check her temperature and the fever was gone!

As you can tell, there was a lot going on yesterday. Tiffany did so well and was so positive through it all. When she was overwhelmed and concerned she did not hesitate to turn to Heavenly Father for a blessing. For her example I am grateful.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers,


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  1. Tiffany...only you could look that cute in a hospital gown with tubes all over you! You and your family are examples to us all, thank you! And I can do lots of stuff if ya need....decorate boring hospital rooms, paint toes, wash hair....even clean toilets! Don't hesitate to ask!
    You hang in there tiger!!!