Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Not sure if it was the hair that was crazy or what, but we had a funny incident the other day.

We have a problem, we have elementary age kids in different schools. Each of the schools do seperate, but sometimes similar campaigns that allow the students to learn or do something during school. For two of the three kids, it is currently what they call red ribbon week - something to do with safety. Both schools do something like this, the timing and exact events may differ a bit, however.

Each day the kids get to do something along a theme to engage them in the process. One day it is wear red day. Another it is wear pajama day. Yet another is what they call crazy hair day.

Somehow, it was determined, that both schools were on the same page. So all three kids wore some sort of red yesterday. And they all came home excited for the next days event - Crazy hair day.

So they all get up in the morning and do something crazy to their hair. Emma had this idea to put a cup on her hair and pull her hair around it. I thought it was a brilliant idea that Tiffany somehow pulled off.

Logan wanted not only to do his hair crazy, but to spray it with different colors. We did not have any colors and Tiffany opted not to go figure out how to do that, which you will see was a stroke of motherly intuition, unknown to her nor Logan.

So off to school they went. Tiffany went to drop Logan off at his carpool while she ended up taking Dallin and Emma to their school. As she dropped Logan off, one of the girls from this carpool came outside, her hair all done very nicely. Tiffany, now questioning if it was crazy hair day, asked as politely as she could,

"Is it crazy hair day today?"

At once this young woman put her hand up to her hair, horrified that it may have looked out of place. You see, she didn't think it was crazy hair day, so any suggestion that said it was meant that her hair must be messed up.

However, the horror was now on Tiffany's face, only being grateful that she hadn't colored Logan's hair. Logan, being our tender-hearted, never wants to stand out, kid, started to cry at the thought of going to school with crazy hair when nobody else was. Emma then proceeded to tell Logan that his hair was cool and that it didn't look crazy, all the while Tiffany was trying, with her might, to slick down his gel-laced hair from it's frizzyness it then looked like.

According to her, she did a decent job, though imperfect at best under the timing and situation. Emma, being a kind sister in a time of need, kept on telling Logan it looked cool and didn't look out of place.

And so they went to school, on crazy hair day. At least at one of the schools.

Let's hope we can remember which school is doing what when it is pajama day. If not, one of the kids may be living a bad dream that I think we have all had at one time or another.




Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dallin's 5th Grade Reflections Contest Piano Composition

Dallin is a budding composer, of which I am impressed. That I am his father and am a biased observer, is duly noted.

But in case I am not, attached is his latest composition. You will find two instruments at play. A piano, and a ukelele. Both parts were devised by Dallin. He taught Tiffany how to play the piano piece, while he played the ukelele.

The recording is awful at best. It was done with what time and money would allow; my Iphone memo recorder. Dallin had to have this turned in last Friday, and he had just finished composing it Thursday afternoon, teaching Tiffany how to play the piano piece througout the evening. They were both tired when I came around to record it (like 10:30 at night) and after about 10 tries, we decided to take what we got and give it a rest.

So, what you hear is not perfect. Perhaps with more time and more practice, they would have hit it perfect. I am interested to know what you really think (don't let me know that you think the recording is bad - look through that).

Please let us know.



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jingles, the Elf - Part 2

So yesterday I gave you an introduction to our friendly elf, Jingles.  And I told you about the R&D department that he seems to be somewhat tied to.

So last April, I received an email from Jingles asking if we would consider having our Christmas gift a couple of months early.  Mind you, not Christmas early, just the gift early.

In consultation with the kids, they agreed to give it a try.  Though they aren't completely sure, they think that it might be a trip to Disneyland (and they might be right).  They understand that if they get this gift early, they won't be getting much, if anything, on Christmas day.  You can see the danger in this, as can Tiffany and I, so we are treading most carefully with Jingles offer.

I believe we will be successful in this endeavor, and I, to tell you the truth, look forward to Christmas this year without the hoopla that comes with Santa.  We hope that the kids will understand that their gift from Santa has come and gone and will not continue to wish for things that will not be here on Christmas this year. 

Part of the ease in making this happen, is that it is not coming from Mom and Dad, but the kids are getting it straight from Jingles the Elf, which seems to make it all OK.  Or so we hope.  We are not too worried for Dallin and Emma.  We think they will get it.  Porter is too young, still, to really understand when Santa comes and what he brings.  Logan, on the other hand, is our wild card.  He is at that innocent greedy child stage where he knows how things work.  He is old enough to understand that Jingles made this offer and to agree to it.  It is another thing to see what happens Christmas day when nothing has come from Santa (though to be fair, we expect perhaps a stocking full of candy and a few games hid within its confines to be there that morning - nothing too extravagant, however).

However, that said, the kids don't know when the gift will come.  Tiffany and I do, and in fact, so do my parents, they will show up at Disneyland on our second day, and they plan to sell the part that they received tickets to the park for Christmas as well, making it even more fun for the kids (and Tiffany and I).

Then come December, we will try to focus more on the Savior, more on serving.  More on how we can enjoy the season with ways that we give, rather than receiving.  I think, or rather, I hope, that this will make Christmas that much more meaningful for all of us. 

But if not, we will still have great memories one way or another.



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jingles, the Elf

We have a friend that starts rolling into our life about this time each year.  Though really, he is with us year round, he mostly helps out during the Christmas holiday season.

You see, Santa can't do his own reconnaissance work.  If all he did was spy on children, he would be too busy to make toys, check on the reindeerr, and get fat.  Indeed, with all the running around he would be doing, he would be one skinny man.

So to help him out are his Elves.  From our understanding, their are many different departments the elves can be a part of.  From toy making to shipping and receiving, from animal care to, well, child surveillance services.

And within those organizations, just like any large organization, are supervisors, managing directors, VP's and so on.

A few years ago, I came in contact with one, Jingles, the Elf.  From all intents and purposes, he is in the upper echelons on the Child Surveillance Services.  High enough where he has direct access to Santa, which has got to be a rare thing as there are thousands upon thousands of elves, and not everyone can have access to Santa.

But Jingles does.  And he has become our family's direct line to ensure Christmas plays out well for each one of us.  We make contact with him, and him us, on a constant basis as we move into the holiday season.  Thanks to email (he has his own email address he sends the kids, and me, information through) and phone conversations we communicate most effectively.

First and foremost, he takes his surveillance job very seriously.  He is constantly watching our children, and via email or a phone call, he will let Tiffany and I know how they are doing.   He will even send the kids a personal email or two to help them know what they can do to improve their chances of receiving a gift from Santa. 

There have been many years that even up until Christmas Eve, we would have to contact Jingles on a last minute basis to see if they had earned the dreams of sugar plum fairies while they slept those nights.  On more than one occasion, we felt our parental duty to call up Jingles and offer an explanation as to why one child or the other was acting up, explaining that we were just trying to help him out in his duties.  He was always appreciative, and being true to what Santa stands for, continued to give the kids more chances to behave, to work, and to enjoy the season.

All in all, he does a great job helping us to have a more enjoyable, productive holiday season.  But he also seems to have his foot in the R&D (research and development) department.  I will tell more about this in our next post, but suffice it to say, he has offered us to Santa as guinea pigs in a research project some of the elves are putting together.  So we have been working with him since April or May to ensure this project goes without a hitch.  We are little over two weeks away from the start of this project and Tiffany are excited for it...  To Be Continued...

For the rest of you.  You should get in contact with Santa's surveillance team.  It does wonders when kids aren't doing what they should be doing.  Or simply email Jingles yourself.  Ask, and I will give you his email address.  :)

Any ways,

Cheers, and have a happy day!

Monday, October 3, 2011

OK, so it's been a while... So what?

'A good intention clothes itself with sudden power'
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The best of intentions don't always relate to finished deeds.  Especially if you are me.

My parents know this about me.  Since I left home 14 years ago to seek fame, fortune, and whatever else came my way (where is the fame?  where is the fortune?), I have wished them many belated birthday wishes, and sometimes, none at all.

Oh, I have good intentions, I do.  In fact, my mom's birthday and fathers day usually line up on the same weeks, or close to it.  So this year I went to get them birthday cards.  And if my memory recalls, I even told them I was doing it (like I was on the phone with them at the store while I was doing it, or was on my way to the store, or something along those lines).

I purchased the cards.

And today I found them in the glove box.

Now, I know I missed sending these cards out.  But there seemed to be something more important at the time than writing and sending a card. 

I don't know what that thing was, but it must have been more important, at that time.  I must have figured, "I will get to it, hey, I have already the cards - that's more than I usually do!"

But it didn't get sent.

So, as often happens, I feel sheepish anytime I talk to my parents.  And they probably love me any ways, but the fact that I didn't do my part, makes me feel just awful. 

But usually not awful enough to get those cards in the mail.

So instead, I come up with a scheme to make things better.

At least, a scheme that makes things better for me.  I hope it does for them too.

And so it goes, I write in the blog today, with good intentions.  Intentions to update frequently.  Intentions to finish deeds.  Intentions to keep writing that lifts, inspires, and dazzles.  For if it does none of these things, I should just keep my thoughts in my journal.

And perhaps, that, is where this is best suited any ways.


I think I am back.  (Though you will have to wait until next post just to see.  Gotta keep you guessing!)