Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poor, Poor, Tiffany

I have tried, short of kicking her out of the house... er... actually, I tried that as well, to keep her from getting what I and the kids have been fighting for the last week. Emma came down with a cold about a week ago, keeping her from going to school. Since then, the rest of the kids, including Porter and his trip to the ER for croup, and myself have been sick.

As Tiffany continues to recover from the surgery, she finds it still hurts if she coughs and sneezes. Watching her makes you want to both cry and laugh when she does. She tries hard not to let it come, which is funny to watch. It is almost impossible to slowly release a sneeze, and watching Tiffany try is hilarious. Then it comes, and then it hurts, and then I feel bad that I thought it was funny in the first place. So trying to keep her from getting sick was a good idea. She was forced on the couch one or two nights, another day she was kicked out of the house to stay with the Home Teachers (who have been the best home teachers one could ever have), and have tried all sorts of old wivery tricks at keeping colds at bay.

We just couldn't do it. She finally succumbed to the onslaught that was there in the home.

She doesn't complain though.

Something she hasn't done through the last few months.

Guess I don't know why she would start now.

We hope your holidays are illness free. But if not, cheers to you any ways.



  1. We have lots of empty beds at the moment if you still need some. I don't know any old wives tricks yet. I still don't consider myself an "old wife" I might learn some with age though. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.