Thursday, December 23, 2010


I decided a few years ago that I like the anticipation of holidays, vacations, special events, than the actual events. Not that the events themselves are worthless or exciting or fun, rather, knowing that once the event is upon me, it will soon be over.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I prefer Christmas Eve over Christmas for this very reason. The holiday is not over yet. The fun, family, and excitement are planned all day long as we strive to teach our children what Christmas is all about. I get to watch their excitement as they patiently, and impatiently, wait for the time to go to bed. Their inability to sleep as sugar-plum thoughts dance through their head, forcing them to try to close their eyes tighter in hopes that helps them sleep quicker. That, to me, is the fun. Then comes Christmas morning and all the anticipation is over, and the kids rip open gifts, and they find, in retrospect, that as fun as that was, it was never really as fun as they anticipated.

I find that the experience meets or exceeds expectations only when there is a greater purpose behind the event. A purpose greater than us. Selfishness is not happiness. Which I think is the reason parents often find greater happiness at Christmas than the kids do (watch this and see what you think - I think I am on to something here). They want to give their children everything. Because to give, truly is the excitement.

I anticipate a good Christmas.

I just wish it would never end.


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