Thursday, December 9, 2010

O Night of Joyous Pain

Tiffany had a hard night last night and this morning.

She had a couple of nurses she couldn't communicate with. They had some broken english that was hard for her to understand and they had a hard time understanding her. They didn't understand her when she was describing some of the pain. Eventually, they figured it out.

She also was going to take a shower this morning and the nurse disconnected Tiffany from the different tubes including the pain medication. She then went to go get some plastic wrap to cover the wounds from the surgery, but never came back. Suffice it to say, Tiffany was hurting and didn't have the help she needed. She called the nurse who felt awful about it and explained that she had sent somebody else to do it. In any case, they hooked her up to the pain medication, took care of that, and her blessed sister, Ashley, helped her get a bath. Nice.

Tiffany is generally doing good. Her vitals are good. She jokes around with people. She is in good spirits.

She does doze quite a bit, off for 20 minutes and awake for 10. It seems to cycle pretty consistently. She is a champion, she made it up and walked around the nurses station today. She did similar yesterday. One comment she made after her first 50 foot tiring walk, was "You'd never guess I could run 6 miles". :)

Because of the surgery that was performed her bowels are taking some time off. Hence, she can't eat any foods yet, though doesn't feel hungry. It wasn't until this morning that she felt like drinking something other than ice chips.

However, she is burping quite a bit, which shows progress happening in her mid-section. Wake her up and try to talk to her and you may be in for a rude surprise as she talks to you :)

Her next goal is as follows:

Let's make it happen!!

Her platelet count is up to 109 - up from 84 when they tested the day before. This is a good sign and hope to see it continue to go up. We would like it much higher, but we are happy with 109 for now.

Many have asked about the biopsy; the whole reason for this surgery. We don't know yet and as we understand it, we won't know until as early as Friday (tomorrow) or early next week. Once we find out, we will let you know.

Until then, we thank all those who are sending their well wishes. Our sweet Guatemalan neighbor continues to be one of the dearest people alive. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that she hasn't called or stopped by, usually bringing some sort of gift to us. She doesn't speak great english and so she often brings one of her children to come and be her translator. One time, she had her daughter call us from New York, just to confirm some of the details. She made a special trip down to Salt Lake to see Tiffany yesterday.

This is just one example of the kindness and generosity we see and feel. There are many others who have shown just as much or more than this. We hope to say thank you to each of you, as each of you have blessed our life with gratitude and hope.

Thank you, each of you, for your prayers and well wishes. Until next time.



  1. Thank you for sharing with this blog! There isn't a day pass but that I think of Tiffany and your family and pray for your best good! What an example of faith and hope and endurance you all are! Lots of love and prayers coming your way! Love you loads! Dawndra**

  2. I agree with the previous post. Your family and Tiffany especially are in our prayers always. I know that He knows her needs and will meet them. Thanks for doing the blog. We love you guys.

  3. Nathan, Tiffany, and family,

    You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Your strength and faith are an inspiration and will keep you going.

    God bless you all!

    -Jill (Daughenbaugh) Graff and family

  4. Nathan, Tiffany & Family,

    I have often reflected on the blessing it was to have you as neighbors and friends! Know that we are praying for Tiffany and your family.

    Love from Logan,

    The Atkinson Family

  5. Becky just told me about this blog. It is so good to know this information even though the thoughts and sweet pictures make me cry! hope you won't mind if I share it with friends of Tiffany in my ward. I am getting an email list together of Homestead sisters who would like to help with any needs you have and I will soon be collecting meals in the freezer in my garage to hand off to you as you need them. Call me anytime, Nathan, we have an army ready to help! Babysitting, housecleaning, fundraising...please don't hesitate to let us know what would help you. (Because I know Tiffany wont admit it! :) ) Home 776-1553, cell (801) 390-9337, Love you, Tiffany!!!

  6. Tiffany I just heard everything and I wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you so much and we know you can get through this. Let us know of anything we can do....and I mean for real! We would love to help! 801-725-0194
    Laura Calder (Lucas)

  7. Praying for your family everyday. Love your idea of a blog! Thanks for the link (-: My offer still stands to take your boys a couple days a week. Let me know anytime!

    Amy Simms