Saturday, December 11, 2010

Laughing Hurts

To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it! - Charlie Chaplin

Friday night was date night. Andrea (Tiffany's sister) took the kids so I could go stay with Tiffany for what we hoped was the last night at the hospital. I opted to take a card game and spruce myself up, as though we were out on the town, becuase we were - we were in Salt Lake City, just the two of us. No kids to bug us, the work week done, it was just Tiffany and I.

We ate dinner, kind of together, she ate some sort of mess the hospital gave her - the olive artichoke tomato surprise didn't sound appetizing to me so I went to the cafeteria and grabbed a personal pizza - much more appetizing. Then we opened a game of trivial pursuit, a hospital past time we started when Dallin was born 10 years ago.

I don't recall exactly when, but somewhere in the game I made her laugh, which caused me to bust out laughing, which then the ignited further belly laughs in Tiffany. At this point, she was grabbing her belly, trying not to laugh. I could tell she was in pain, but by this time we both had the giggles - you know the kind, the ones that just can't stop and whatever you do makes you laugh harder. Well, by this time she was telling me to leave. And she was serious. She said that just looking at me made her laugh. So I left. I went out the door and waited for a few moments, and poked my head back in. That action alone split her sides and she got after me to get out and stay out.

Of course, I was laughing too, and the nurse who was taking care of Tiffany walked by right then and wondered if everything was alright. I smiled and told her what was happening. It gave her a smile and she said she needed to give Tiffany a shot and maybe that would sober her up quickly. I laughed even more when the nurse knocked on the door to go into the room, saying, 'It's just me, Amber, don't throw anything'. :)

Well, it was decided that we should play no more games after that. She said that was the worst pain she has been in all week. Her belly muscles just are killing her and laughing, which I thought was supposed to be the best medicine, ended up being the most painful.

Any ways, she is doing much better today. She finally hit her goal:

So she continues to improve!

Again, and I don't tire saying this, but thank you for all the prayers and good wishes from each of you. You are all a blessing to us all. We honestly feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many good people. Tiffany's good friend, Heather, has been collecting frozen dinners so we will have them when we need them. This is above and beyond what people need to do. We (well, at least I) don't feel worthy of people treating us like this. Heather already takes Emma and Logan to school and back each day, that already is too much. I am one that likes to pull my own weight, and right now I feel like dead weight. But... I do feel like I can focus on other things with the help we are recieving. Thank you all so very much.

I hope you all are laughing as well. As painful as it sometimes is.



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