Friday, June 10, 2011

Weight Loss

My spare time has been taken up by other things the last few weeks and haven’t posted like I would like.

Much to Tiffany’s delight (though I think she plays it down around me – “Oh, you are wonderful the way you are – I just want you to be healthy”), I have whole heartedly taken again to losing weight. And this time, I think it is real.

Three years ago I felt the same motivation as I do now. I weighed in at a whopping 322 pounds and shocked me into submissive sweaty workouts. I did great, losing about 30 pounds in about three months when a friend, who knew I was running, and running, and running, asked if I wanted to run the Ragnar Relay. I figured it was a goal that I could work towards as I continued my weight loss. But I soon found that my workouts changed. I was not working out for weight loss, but for endurance and speed. Over the four or five months that I trained for the race, I lost about 5 pounds. By the time the race was over, my motivation was gone. I tried to workout, but without the motivation, I succumbed to life and went on my merry way.

Skip forward about three and a half years and I had gained weight back to a height of 312 pounds, weighed in on May 23. I feel the motivation to eat right and workout religiously, and Tiffany has given me her blessing. It’s no fun to live with someone who is trying to lose weight.

If you have ever lived with a weight loss maniac, they are not fun to live with. No offense, but Tiffany went on a weight loss-workout regime spree after Emma was born. She had motivation, I didn’t. But I had to eat what she ate, made me Tae-bo with her, and because I wasn’t motivated, in many ways despised the whole thing. To this day, I struggle getting out the Tae-bo videos. Not because they don’t’ work, but I think it brings back some of those feelings I had at the time.

So bless Tiffany’s heart as she deals with me on this.

I weigh myself only on Fridays, so, if you would be so kind, I intend on adding a post on Fridays with my success (or failures – heaven forbid). They say having a support group helps. So why not add a post about where I stand and become not only accountable to me, but to those who happen upon this blog?

My goal: 220 Pounds. Though the BMI says that is still overweight by 5 pounds. That is about where I was when I got married, and if that was overweight, their expectations are too high. So I have about 92 pounds to lose.

So, for those that see me, no more, ‘you carry it well’ or ‘I wouldn’t put you in the obese category’. I need your honesty. Something more like, ‘you fat pig, wha’d you do today, stuff your face?’, or ‘I felt you coming – time to lay off those Big Macs’. Or maybe something a little nicer, maybe even motivational; ‘hey, you are looking trimmer – keep up the good work, you got a ways to go!’ – or ‘I didn’t notice that was you, wha’d ya do, lose some of that excess weight you’ve been carrying? Keep doing whatever it is you are doing – it’s working!’. Or something honest but nice like that.

Three weeks into my plan – which when all is said and done is simply motivation, I have lost a total of 16 pounds, weighing this morning in at 296 pounds. A nice start - but I got many months to go.

And when I say my plan is motivation, that is truly the only plan to have. Having motivation makes me do all the right things. It makes it easy to say no to cookies. It makes me go to Subway for lunch rather than a burger joint. And even then it makes me get a 6 inch sub without sauce rather than a footlong . It makes you get up in the morning to work out. It makes you consciously decide on smaller servings, walking to destinations I can walk to, and even running to my car rather than walking (but only when nobody is looking – I don’t want to look silly).

No fad diets. No fad workouts. Simple calorie inputs and outputs is all any weight loss program needs. Though adding a few details will help. Watching nutrient intake is as wise to watch as is calorie counting. Muscle building is an important part to increase metabolism while both short and long term cardio outputs will keep the body guessing and changing. And don’t forget an Iphone app that tracks it all.

Also – sorry – don’t ask me to participate in any 5k, 10k, half marathon or relay’s. I am done with those until I get down to my goal weight.

And then – let the games begin!



PS - Some think that before and after pics are essential. Perhaps - though this isn't for you to gawk at. It is for me - though I think before and after pics help others gain motivation. So we may post pics somewhere halfway through this and those who care can see where I am.


  1. Good luck on your goals. They are worthy. Don and I are doing what you are doing and some days are better than's easier to lose it when you are younger - so go for it! We are looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!
    I posted a recipe for strawberry pie on our blog - sadly to say - Don and I eventually ate the whole thing! Our only defense? Friends stood us up - twice! -- and the jello was sugar free! :)
    Hugs to you!

  2. I know you're not looking for weight-loss advice. But, I'll give my two cents anyway b/c it helped me. I read the "Abs Diet for Women" book - and it was a great motivator. It wasn't really a diet, but it retrained me on how to think about eating. I've developed new habits and they've stuck for a couple of years so far. Finally, shed the baby weight, I hope once and for all. I think there is an "Abs" version for men. If you need something to read that includes nutrient and metabolism facts this might be worth a read. Best wishes.

  3. You have great support if your wife is willing to adopt your dietary regimen. Good luck! Hope to hear good news in the future on your blog.