Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goal Update

On the 31st of December, I put out some goals that Tiffany and I were working on. Mostly me, though she has been a big help in accomplishing some of them.

Here were my goals:
1 - Add on to the house.

2 - Brush up on my photography skills - including adding necessary photography equipment and software and become a master at using them.

3 - Weight Management. Because it seems we all do it. Even those who don't need it (I am unfortunately not in that category) seem to work on this. I told a departing missionary that I would lose 70 pounds before he got back. He left in August. I lost 18 pounds after he left, only to gain some (probably most) back this holiday season.

4 - Find a way to pay forward all the good people have given to us over the last month (December).

5 - Finish my goals.

Here is the status of the goals.

1 - We went over to the Engineers office yesterday and had our final layout completed. He said he would have final drawings to us next Tuesday. Well on our way for this goal, though we are not even half way there.

2 - I haven't really brushed up on my skills, though I have used them for a shoot or two. I did, however, add to my lens collection with a 50mm 1.4 aperture lens. A absolute need in portrait photography.

3 - I have lost 25 pounds thus far, will check my weigh in tomorrow and hoping for a little bit more.

4 - This is a little harder to say if I have completed. However, Tiffany and I have noted that our prayers often include names of individuals who are struggling. One thing that Tiffany and I felt was a tangible presence due to prayers offered on our (or more appropriatly, her) behalf. So I don't take this lightly. We have also done some other things to help out some individuals. Specifics aren't needed here, but I consider that this goal, like the others above, are well on there way and are a continual work in progress.

5 - I am doing it this year. I am going to reach my goals.

Are you?



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