Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Mama!


Happy Birthday.

You must be turning, what, 40? Maybe 45. Or ask the kids, and they think you are pushing 110. I think Dallin finally caught on that I was joking when I said that. But Emma is still unsure and Logan just believes. Aahhh, the amazing wool a father can pull over the eyes of his children! :)

And, just thought you should know, to celebrate your birthday, we put our flag out for you.

Because what else would you do on Mom's birthday?

We love you and hope all is well on this blessed day.


Nathan and Family


  1. Mom says thanks a lot (not sarcastically)!

  2. I know, this is late in coming, (finally getting an hour to myself even if it is at 2:10am,) but here it is non-the-less:
    Thank You! And being the 110 year old that I am, I can honestly say it's already been a great ride, and based upon my ancestry, and your math, I expect to be around another, oh, say, 90 years. Ah, just think of the things I can do!! Love you lots and lots and lots....
    HH!! KK!!! SQZ!!!!!

    PS Keep posting!!! I absolutely love it!