Monday, June 20, 2011

Tiffany the Architect

Our engineer came by today with his draft plans for our addition we came up with. They are just about what we were hoping for except that our stairs going downstairs couldn't be in the exact spot where we wanted them. Making a few other changes necessary.

With plans in hand, the engineer instructed us to look over them, prepare changes, and sometime over the next week we will get back with him and make the changes we want before he finalizes the plans.

So, working from home, I would come up the stairs from time to time and found Tiffany marking up the plans each time. There were many, many markings and changes, I hope that we don't get charged more for all the stuff she wants to change or add.

But after a few hours, I think she has decided what she wants.

Until tomorrow.

And then, hey, we still have a few days to make up our mind.



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