Thursday, June 23, 2011


I like legos. I liked them as a kid. I had a small buckets worth growing up. I tinkered with them from time to time. I made airplanes, spaceships, race cars, trucks, cranes, houses, and on, and on. I had plenty of legos to do what I wanted. But I had relatively few compared to my best friend. He had a huge bag which quadrupled what I had and included motors and all sorts of fun little dohickeys. And what he did with those little blocks was amazing. He made little puzzle boxes with hidden keys that if you pushed the right block, it would slide away revealing another key allowing more of the puzzle to be found and eventually unlocking it to find a hidden compartment inside.

To this day, I still am amazed what he could do with legos (and understand he still does wonders with them today). This kid ended up our saluditorian in high school and is very successful today.

I put two and two together and decided, if I want smart kids, they need to have legos.

That's all. Just a big, honkin' pile of legos. And then they would be smart.

So I did. And they liked them. And we got more. And I made a special bag just like my friend had for our legos. And then we got more. Even the coveted motor was bought to ensure proper exposure to this timeless toy.

The collection is mighty fine. No doubt my kids will now be smart.


Now I have legos everywhere!

I am not sure what is in the heads of kids, but it seems like if you build something, you have to go somewhere to play with it. Airplanes, spaceships, etc, need to fly. Sometimes doing so takes them from room to room to room as they play. But it seems like every room they go into, they leave a peice behind. Almost as if to mark their territory.

Kid 1 - "I left a piece in the kitchen - it's mine!"
Kid 2 - 'Oh, yeah, my axel fell off on the stairs and you can't go up there any more 'cause that's mine'
Kid 1 - Oh yeah, well, you can't go to the bathroom upstairs because that is my submarine in there. Good luck taking care of business.'
Kid 2 - Oh yeah.
Kid 1 - Yeah!

Or something like that. I found a whole set of lego creations on the floor in the laundry room. I am always vacuuming up another peice or two. I used to stop and pick it up, but lately, forget it.

I figure the less they have, the less I have to pick up. Who cares how smart they are going to get, just leave me be with the legos!

Anybody want smart kids? If so, I have a bag of legos I may be willing to give away - just note the transaction will have to take place after the kids are in bed. It may look shady, but the sanity will be worth any harsh withdrawals the kids go through when they wake to find them gone.




  1. Funny!! We still have the bag, and Reder uses it. I admit that sometimes I just vacuum the darn things up too - but don't tell Jason!! We added to Jason's collection right after we were married when he bought a million of them from a little kid at a garage sale.

  2. LOL!!! Been there! Done that!!!