Friday, June 17, 2011

Weight Loss Update - Week 4

Another week done and in the books.

Goal Weight = 220 lbs
Starting Weight 5/23/2011 = 312 lbs
Week 1 Weight 5/27/2011 = 307 lbs
Week 2 Weight 6/3/2011=301 lbs
Week 3 Weight 6/10/2011 = 296 lbs

This week, Week 4 Weight 6/17/2011 = 292 lbs

That makes four pounds this week lost - 20 pounds over the course of four weeks. Last weekend I took the scouts on a campout and I think I ate more than I should have. But aside from that, I am on course and still encouraged at the process and results.

Tiffany tells me to get some new pants. I told her we need to wait. They may be loose, but no sense in buying more pants that will last only a month or two before I need new ones. Nope - new holes are going in the belt this next week and I will wear my baggy pants with pride over the next few weeks - at least until I can't stand it any longer.

Wish me luck!


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