Friday, June 17, 2011

Do You Live For Today, Tomorrow, or Yesterday?

Well, which is it?

Tiffany came to me the other day and wanted to share some ideas of what she wanted to do to the basement. We decided to add on to the house and the current downstairs is slated to be my office and the playroom. Our intent is to do many things to the playroom. We want to make it fun for all ages.

I have put a little bit of thought into what I wanted it to be, but for me, I live for tomorrow. A lot has to happen before we can turn the basement into the playroom. Mostly, just 3 months of fun construction. But in the meantime, the basement will likely be one of the places we feel like we can get away from the construction mess, and me, I don't want to live in a playroom.

We had a discussion on what we needed to do now, but she is tired of waiting. Bless her heart. She has been waiting for six years to do what she wants to our house and home. But each time she comes up with an idea of doing something today, I tell her reasons why we should wait till tomorrow. I'm a realist. Things should be done in proper order.

The problem with me, is that sometime tomorrow I will look to yesterday and wonder why we didn't get anything done today. I will then remind myself why and move forward with my plans. She will then complain to me that nothing gets done. 'Wait 'till tomorrow', I tell her.

Right now, we are waiting to hear back from the engineer. It seems to be taking much longer than we want, but once we get the plans back, then we can take them out to get bid on. Then get financing. Then construction.

And then, finally, she can create her playroom.

See, its all in order. All planned. All tomorrow. And for me, it works.

...Until I come home later today to find my basement freshly painted.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.
~Mark Twain



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