Friday, June 17, 2011

Playroom - Help!

This post is for Tiffany.

Not really. It's for me to get ideas so I can feel like I am thinking of some details.

My earlier post referred to creating a playroom for kids once the construction of the house is done. In doing so, we want it to be a place that not only little kids want to go, but older teenagers as well. Plus, we want it to be gender neutral in that we want both Dallin and his friends, as well as Emma and her friends will want to be there and have fun there (when not outside - I think that is a better place for kids anyways. But it's not like they will be outside all the time).

Here are some of my visions I have for this 'playroom'.

One wall will be sheet metal. Doing so creates some fun things you can do with magnets. Want a basket ball hoop? Put it up with a magnet. There are many magnet toys on our fridge, it would be nice to have a place to put all them. There are other ideas I have for this wall, but you can ask me specifically if you want to know more.

Make one wall a chalk wall. For coloring, drawing, whatever.

Flat screen TV with game consul hookups and Netflix abilities.

Table and chairs for drawing, homework, coloring, playing games, etc.

Big Bean bag chairs for viewing the TV. May need multiple to fit more kids in the room.

Game and toy shelves.

A corner for the gerbils. They may be Emma's, but every kid that comes over loves to play with them. (Poor things.)

What else would you add to make it an inviting place for kids of all ages.

Note the room is only about 12 feet wide by 18 feet long.

We would love to hear some of your ideas out there.



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  1. I would add a place for reading and other quiet activites, maybe some sort of stage for puppet shows or other thigns like that and personally I would love a velcro wall or a bounce house. Dream big and have fun creating a great play room!