Thursday, January 20, 2011

You never know

Sometimes you do things you are never really sure if it is the right thing to do. You hope so. You may even feel good about certain decisions, but you often, never know.

A couple of years ago we opted to test Dallin to be put in the Spectrum program in our school district. The program tests students abilities, and if they 'pass' the test, they are put in an accelerated program with kids their same age who have similar ability. We were really unsure if we wanted to pull Dallin out of his school, away from his friends, to do this. Initially he wasn't invited and we didn't have to make the decision. But after other kids pulled out, his alternate status was bumped to active and we were called. Ultimately, we decided that this was a great opportunity and we moved him over. Since then, we have found it as a very good program, allowing the kids to not only learn what they should be learning, but because of the accelerated nature, have had time and opportunity to learn other things, such as the Ukulele, astronomy, and even chess. All of which broaden their horizons and allow the kids to understand more of the world around them. I like this better than simply more math, reading, and history - all of which they do.

But now we come to a crossroads again. This program starts in the third grade. Emma is in second grade, and though she shows signs of greatness (because every parent knows their child is brilliant), she is a different person and has different abilities and different needs. Saturday is the testing and we opted to at least get her tested to see if she would qualify. But even if she does qualify for the program, we don't know it it is the best thing for her. We may never know. At least until we either put her in or don't and wait and watch for the results.

With all this said, it's amazing we don't mess our kids up more than we do. We all make decisions for our children based on how we grew up, what we think we missed as children, and opportunities that we enjoyed. We try to do the best we can with what we know in the world that surrounds us.

And sometimes we get it wrong. And sometimes we get it right.

But you know, until its all over, we may never really know.

So here's to a little bit of hope and faith as we move forward in this journey we call life.




  1. I've had the opposite problem with our Nathan. His teachers thought we should have him tested and we never did because we thought it might be "weird" over there or that the social life would be different, etc. I always wonder if he should have gone, especially this year (6th grade) when he's teased for being a brainiac. It's like you say, you can just hope you don't screw up too much.....!

  2. You are so right...sometimes we get it right and other times we get it wrong. Thank goodness kids are so resilient, and grow up in spite of us, their parents. But, until you try something (new) you won't know how it will go. Keep the faith!! (BTW, I think you are doing a great job!)