Sunday, January 9, 2011

Did you know?

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-signed by many (but not all) who have given us the gift of friendship and peace.

Tiffany confessed something today that she hasn't told many people through this experience we are going through.

She never prayed for healing.

She didn't dare. She wanted to pray for something that she knew she could receive. Her thought process was similar to that found in Mosiah 24 where burdens that were placed on the backs of the people of Alma were lightened and they were able to carry the burdens, cheerfully, until the burdens course had been taken. To tell the Lord that she needs healing, when that is not the point of this whole process, may have done her no good. She did the only thing that she could...

She prayed for peace and comfort through the trial - whatever that trial may be. And that, she knew, could be answered. And it was. The peace that the gospel of Jesus Christ gives to all who diligently seek it, came. And we are grateful it did. Sure, there were times of despair. Sure there were times of uncertainty, indeed, there still are. The fact continues that the Lord is mindful of all, and though we wanted a miracle, we were happy enough to receive the miracle of peace.

So the feeling of gratitude fills our heart because the miracle that we see today is in direct answer to your prayers. You who prayed for healing.

And to those who had that kind of faith...

Thank you.



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  1. Not only faith - but hope, for the two walk side by side. Tiffany chose the better part and she and your entire family have been blessed. Much love to you all.