Monday, January 10, 2011

Product of the Year... or more - I never do this, so don't hate me for it.

Product of the year – no, make that of the last year and a half – and maybe even more than that.

We have hard water and used to have a dishwasher that enjoyed that hard water, clouding up all our dishes, making them look nasty, ruining all our dishes, pots, pans, utensils, etc. in the process. Or so we thought.

There was no way we were going to get new dishes until after we got a new dishwasher. It seemed that the dishwasher was a culprit that took that hard water and somehow made every dish just look, well, disgusting. We couldn’t figure out what was going on, changing soaps, using a rinse product, to little avail, so we finally decided to get a new dishwasher. And it seemed to help. It seemed, at least, that the dishes weren’t getting any worse.

These are considered clean by our first dishwasher. And the new dishwasher, though didn't make it worse, hasn't been able to get rid of this white gunk.

And then a month after the dishwasher was installed, it stopped (we won’t get into that for now). It was under warranty and the fix-it man came to assist it in its misery. He opened it up, did some wiggling, prodding, even a little bit of poking, and it was up and working again. And then, after that was all done, he THEN earned his keep.

He asked what detergent we used. We told him – we had upgraded to a more expensive one – hoping it would help our dishes – and told us that was probably the worst we could use. Then, he told us to go and buy the most amazing product alive! LEMI SHINE.

That’s right, Lemi Shine. Neither Tiffany nor I had ever heard of it, but he said it would fix our problems right away. I googled it and people pretty much goo gooed all over the stuff.

So I went out later that night and tried to find Lemi Shine at the local Wal-Mart. I went down the dish detergent isle and was bummed as I could not find it. Frustrated with a wasted trip, I started back home, but decided to go to the paper goods isle and get some plastic cups (ones we use when the kids had friends over – we really didn’t want people to see our yucky cups). I grabbed a couple of packages and continued down the isle. To my great astonishment, and gratitude to the guidance of providence, at the end of the isle there was a whole display case stocked full of Lemi Shine. I grabbed a few bottles of it and went on my way.

When I arrived home, I put some in the dishwasher, started it, and then started the evening routine and found myself in bed shortly before midnight. I got up early in the morning for some Church meetings, went to church, had meetings after church, and then went home. When I arrived, I was welcomed home by a wife whose beautiful blue eyes couldn’t believe what they saw.

The dishes, with all their hard water, cloudy stained, good for nothing mess, were not only clean, but sparkling clean. The stuff made most of our dishes look brand new. No, not kidding. The bowls we had been using were looking scuffed up and in bad shape. They now looked like they had just been taken out of the package. You could actually see through the glasses. The pots and pans were immaculate. See here for an example

Now, know that I am not getting paid for this endorsement. But go out and get you some of this Lemi Shine and use it today.


And to those of you who knew about this stuff and never shared with us, shame on you. You could have saved us a world of trouble and embarrassment.


Of course, I can understand. Tiffany and I even joked about going out and buying up a ton of the stuff before we told people about it. Because once this miracle stuff is known among the masses, it will be hard to find forever more.
Before and After

But alas, we share this good info to all who want/need it. It will change your world! It has changed ours in less than 24 hours.




  1. AHHH...i neeed some of that!!
    ok---you sold me. I will get some on my next trip to wally world!!

    thanks for

  2. Glad you like it! I would love to send you some samples that you can give out to your friends if you like. Email your mailing address to and reference your blog post and will get some out to you. Thanks again for the Lemi Shine Love!

  3. make sure you don't use it on your silver nate ! It will ruin the finish! You could just use vinegar in the rinse cycle for a similar effect!

  4. I have had this same problem and we've been using vinegar to no avail!!!! I was ready to go get a new dishwasher and I thought my dishes were ruined forever! I'm going to try this stuff right away!!! Yay:)

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