Monday, January 24, 2011

Turn it off!

Today while I was driving the kindergarten carpool, Porter and I had a conversation that has left me chuckling all day long. This is how it went down:
Porter: "Mom, the sun is too bright!
Mom: "I'm sorry that the sun is in your eyes, (I then threw a jacket over his head which calmed him down a bit.)
Porter: "Mom, turn it off."
Mom: "I'm sorry Porter, but I can't turn the sun off."
Porter: "Yes you can!"
Mom: "I'm sorry Porter but I can't."
Porter: "Yes you can!" *a little agitated*
Mom: "Really Porter, I can't. *a little agitated myself, trying to reason with the 2 year old about the distance from the earth to the sun - and make a left hand turn*
Porter: Yes you can, It's easy." *matter-of-factly*
Mom: "It's easy huh. Porter, how do you turn off the sun?"
Porter: "Get a ladder"

Cracked me up! I love how the cogs are turning in that little brain. Hope this story "brightens" your day :0)




  1. life's a lot more simple in the life of a child :)

  2. But Mom-Tiffany: Don't you know that you are omnipotent!! You can do ANYTHING! Unfortunately, that kind of thinking from our children doesn't last long enough... oh, well.
    I'm so glad you shared that moment with us!

  3. Ahahahahahaha! Oh how I love those kids and the things they come up with!