Friday, January 28, 2011

Haven't laughed that hard...

...for a knock knock joke for a long while.

Emma came home and offered up a knock knock joke at the dinner table. It is not funny in print, so you will have to try this with a significant other or whoever you can find.

Emma - Knock, Knock
Tiffany - Who's there.
Emma - Interupting cow.
Emma (as Tiffany starts to say 'Interupting Cow who?') - Mooooooooo

It really wasn't that funny. But both Tiffany and I had a good laugh. Part of it was the silliness of the joke, part of it was because it isn't really that funny. Part of it was the timing - we didn't expect a joke out of Emma right then, and part of it was because it was a new, never heard before knock knock joke with a twist.



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