Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lifes Little Messes... (Part 2)

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~Confucius

Clutter in a house is easily cleaned. A short amount of time, a little effort, attentiveness, and getting rid of the kids, is all you need. Mostly, just that last one, they make most the messes. Without them, the rest is pretty easy to take care of. :)

But what about clutter in life?

Tiffany brought something to my attention the other day, which has caused me to stop and think. She said that she often finds that she feels like she is behind. Behind in what? Behind in cleaning, cooking, helping the kids achieve their dreams. Finishing projects, starting new hobbies, or developing talents are also in that mix. We can't forget the church, community, or career balancing acts as well. And there are many more that are not listed. All these things must be done, mustn't they?

So what happens when your husband comes home and says, 'Honey, drop everything, I have got something that we have to do tonight'. How about when you get home from work and your wife interrupts your planned evening by reminding you of that Ukulele concert you were told about while you were too focused on changing the oil to the car. Or when the kids come home and say, 'Mom, I have to get to Joe's by 3 to practice our skit for tomorrow', which just happens to be the same time you scheduled your two years old nap? Or how about that microwave or dishwasher that just went out on you which now needs time to be fixed or replaced. Or how about the backed up laundry that you meant to get to, but you just haven't found the time because you were taking care of a sick spouse and children. Oh, and don't forget that ladies night out is tomorrow and that pick-up game of basketball you played yesterday reminded you of muscles you forgot you had - and now they won't let you ever forget it again!

Life is full of clutter. And with clutter comes chaos. And with Chaos, frustration and bitterness. So how is it done? How do we get ahead? Or at least, get to a point that we are not behind?

I'm not sure, though it has a lot to do with choosing between good, better, and best. It has a lot to do with the ability to say 'no', or at least, 'not now'. It also has a lot to do with attitude. It even has something to do with organizing and time management. A skill I could always brush up on. For me, it mostly has to do with having a good spouse who picks up where I slack.

But to each of you who struggle with life's little messes -

Cheer up, you are not alone. We are right there with you, in this, our chaotic, yet joyous, journey.

The rest of you - Pipe up - give the rest of us a little morsel of help. We could use it. :)



PS - Just so you know, I am sure that getting rid of the kids works to rid clutter in life as well as clutter in the house. Imagine, for those that have children, what life would be like if you weren't chauffeuring, feeding, teaching, training, fixing, cleaning, reading to, and playing with the kids...

Of course, then, where would the joy be?

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