Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life's little messes... (part 1)

I don't think that a house needs to be clean. Sure, we love it when it is. Clutter in a home, as in life, creates chaos. Chaos leads to frustrations, frustrations leads to additional chaos and a bitter life. But clutter in a house means somebody is doing something. Something is getting done. Somebody is learning something.

We have a chess set that was put on the table the other night. It is still there. Dallin has a chess tournament tomorrow that he has been preparing for. Some people simply say chess, when all is said and done, is a game. True. But, chess is a very dogmatic game to learn, one that I am grateful my best friend taught me how to play in the fourth grade. It has been said that chess is a gymnasium for the mind, the playground to a great future, an art of delicate intricacies. And so while the chess board is sitting there cluttering up our kitchen, it invariably means that somebody is learning something. Taking pride in something.

The same is true of the Matchbox cars, or books, or snow boots left in the back corner of the room. All these items are items of another generation learning, growing, becoming increasingly brilliant. How sad would it be if all these kids had to look forward to was coming home to a clean house?

And to think that Mom didn't like my cluttered (OK, messy) room growing up. Maybe I am better off for it.

...At least until Tiffany gets after me to clean up after myself. What's up with these mom's any ways?



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