Friday, August 12, 2011

Weight Loss Update - Week 12

We hit the 12 week mark - essentially 3 months from starting this whole process - with another 5 pounds lost.

When I started, I didn't know how long it would take me, though I wanted the excess weight to be gone sooner than later. I had lived life, for a short period, in the fit category. That is how I tricked Tiffany in marrying me. And that was a great period in my life. Enthusiasm for life, energy, ability, it was all there. As the weight piled on, there was little room for those other things.

So, after losing 55 pounds in 12 weeks, I am excited to get many of those things back. My goal now is to finish strong and in 12 more weeks, hit my goal of 220. Soon on Nov 4th, I hope to hit that magical number. And I don't expect it to be a cakewalk. I fully expect to not be able to lose 5 pounds a week as I continue. There will likely be weeks that I will have to be happy with 2 or 3 pounds. So be it.

Goal Weight = 220 lbs
Starting Weight 5/23/2011 = 312 lbs
Week 1 Weight 5/27/2011 = 307 lbs
Week 2 Weight 6/3/2011=301 lbs
Week 3 Weight 6/10/2011 = 296 lbs
Week 4 Weight 6/17/2011 = 292 lbs
Week 5 Weight 6/24/2011 = 287 lbs
Week 6 Weight 7/1/2011 = 282 lbs
Week 7 Weight 7/8/2011 = 277 lbs
Week 8 Weight 7/15/2011 = 276 lbs
Week 9 Weight 7/22/2011 = 270 lbs
Week 10 Weight 7/29/2011 = 265 lbs
Week 11 Weight 8/05/2011 = 262 lbs

This week, Week 12 Weight 8/12/2011 = 257 lbs

That's a total of 55 pounds gone! And 37 pounds to go. Keep the encouragement coming, it helps.




Here are some before and after pics. One thing I noted, there aren't that many pics of me. I am usually the one behind the camera. You get what you get.

Before and After 50 pounds lost

At the start of the Red Rock Relay. I was the first runner and had to move that mass almost 6 miles. I am in serious awe as I took that body and didn't stop till I was at the end of that leg. A beast of burden.

Me and my sister during the race. I was just fat and happy that my legs were done! :) I think Sis was dancing. Go girl, go girl, uh huh, oh yeah!

Taken earlier this week before I went out on my workout.

This was taken last week while in Colorado. Porter enjoyed the trip up and down the trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. Gives a glimpse of the weight coming off my face. And yes, those are $5 sunglasses. I learned a long time ago that nice sunglasses and kids don't mix, I think these are my third pair in a year.

Still a ways left to go, but the changes are encouraging.


  1. You do look really good & I don't mean that in a weird way!!!! I was absolutely amazed at you on Sunday. Btw- your testimony was really good & hit home in my book!!! Congrats on the weight loss & good luck in keeping up with the task at hand!!!!

  2. You're doing awesome! Keep it up! :)

  3. You are doing great! You could totally stop where you're at and be fine! Good luck on losing the rest!