Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking Forward To School Starting

Today is the last day of summer break. Unless you count the weekend.

Dallin and Emma join Logan in going back to School on Monday. Emma isn't too excited to go to a new school, and tells us that she won't go, but I think that once she gets there she will make friends fast and will enjoy it. Her teacher lives just down the road from us. If I count right, 9 homes to the south of us. Tiffany came home from back to school night yesterday and suggested that this will be a great teacher for Emma.

Well, I digress. My point of this post is to say, I look forward to getting back to the school schedule. With the kids out of school, the sun staying up late, it makes summer fun, but our schedule gets off. And if my schedule gets off, I don't get done what I need to, including the blog posts.

So as much as we love summer and the break in life it gives us, I now look forward to getting on with life.

To all of you who have kids going back. Congratulations, you made it through another summer.

Now good luck to you during the school year.



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