Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st Annual Miller Labor Day Amazing Race

If there is a second annual race, it all depends on this first one.

Tiffany and I are putting together a fun little race on Saturday, September 3rd, loosely based on the TV show, The Amazing Race.

Teams of four will be given activities, tasks, and directions to complete and be the first team pass the finish line. This is not a running race, per se, though there may be times during the race that you will feel like you need to run (because another team is hot on your heels). However, teams will be generally driving from checkpoint to checkpoint where they will be given a task to complete. These tasks could range from a physical challenge to proving your mental abilities, from using common sense skills to something that will just be fun to do. Some will be tougher than others, enabling teams to come from behind and possibly win.

If you live in the Syracuse area (or would really like to come over and participate any ways), please send me an email or contact me, we are signing teams up right now.

We will start around 3pm and will end sometime around 8ish - though I haven't actually run it myself yet, so the time is just estimated. Note the following:

You will need to arrive with your car full of gas.
Somebody on your team will need their swimming suit and willing don it and get wet.
You will need to be willing to drive out of the Syracuse area - though at this point I won't tell you where or how far.
You will need a camera (preferably a camera phone).
Please come with a competitive drive. We want this to be fun, but we also want there to be competition.
Don't expect a big prize if you come in first.
Cost = $12 PER TEAM - not per person. To cover some of the costs of the activities your team will be doing.
You will need to bring a picnic for your team as well. Our plan is to eat together when the race is done (which really could take us well into the evening - all depends on how long you want to stay and chat).

This is for young and not so young, married couples, or friends. Our initial brainstorm was mainly for a large group date type activity, though we don't feel like we want to exclude anybody. That being said, we are trying to keep this to adults only, though we won't stop you if you want to include younger individuals.

We hope that this will be a fun activity, allow you to get to know others as you compete with friends, and enjoy creating bonds of friendship which will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions, let me know, but let me know sooner than later if you would like to join in as we can't let this get too big. It is just Tiffany and I putting it together and we can only do so much.


And good luck!


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  1. Hey Millers, Alan & I would like to do your amazing race if it's not full. We need to find another couple to do it with if there's still room, so let us know if there's room!!!! :)