Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working From Home

I work from home, usually about 3 days a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

People always tell me how wonderful that would be, and it is. Tiffany can leave the kids behind while she runs an errand. I don't have the commute so I save two hours out of my day and Tiffany gets me that much more. I actually feel I can get some of the best work done when at home. I get bugged more often at work by some guy who wants to tell me about some painting his daughter did during church the week before. If I get bugged at home it is usually something I would want to be bugged about.

Some people thinking it would be nice to stay at home qualify that by saying they don't know if they could work with family at home. It would be too loud and crazy to get anything done.

We have learned over the course of a few years that yes, sometimes it can be loud and crazy. There are times that kids cannot practice the piano or bring friends over (unless they stay outside). But ultimately, this is of little concern and we generally make it work just right.

The real problem?

Sick days.

There are no more such things. If you are sick, you are expected to log into work, and, well, work. Have the flu and feel the need to head to the bathroom to release your innards? Too bad, you have to get on that call and send in that report. Feel like death and you are closing the company books? The company books must be closed before death takes over.

But, before I sound like a cry-baby over this, I know that part of this is just being a grown up. Many people are expected to go into the office when not feeling well. I am not. So it probably best not sound like I complain. There is just no such thing as a sick day.

So don't feel bad for me. I have it good. I know it. And Tiffany knows she has it good too.

We just have to make it work.




  1. About sick days. Being a mom I know all about how one might feel when one never really gets a sick day! I am sure that Tiffany can sympathize with you.

  2. Absolutely right. What can I complain about. Tiffany has been sick all week as well and still has to take kids to school, worry about homework, and generally care for the kids. We men have it too easy. We get away with too much.

    Thanks for the comment.