Thursday, March 24, 2011

West Davis Corridor - A Four Part Series - Summary of Posts

I am posting four parts, in quick succession, concerning the West Davis Corridor that is proposed to be put out somewhere out west of our home.

For those that aren't interested, sorry. But this concerns and impacts our family heavily.

I post four different parts so that you can feel free to read them all, or just the ones that interest you. I wrote them all at once, but knowing some (many) people don't want to read 6 pages of opinion, I split it up so you can read what you want.

Part 1 - Situation and arguments for and against changes to UDOT's plan.

Part 2 - View of the situation at the 30,000 foot level - Looking at not just today, but what is the continuing outlook for the area in question using past history as a guide.

Part 3 - Items that need to be considered

Part 4 - My opinion (if you weren't able to figure it out in the other parts) and summary as to why.
NOTE: My opinions are mine and as a concerned husband and father, and trying to do what I think is best for my family first and foremost. Being part of the city and involved since I moved here, I also find that I am concerned for the future of the city.

I know that there are differences in opinion from others and if not careful, can ignite heated arguments. My intent is not to incite anger, rather, to incite a discussion. I know many of the people on both sides of the issue at hand. I respect and admire many, if not most of them, and the others, I just don't know them that well. My opinion may go against their wishes, and for that, I don't apologize, but will always remain friendly no matter the outcome - my hand will be outstretched always.

No matter the decision, somebody will be impacted greatly. To which I wish there were a better way.

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