Monday, March 14, 2011

Remember the Tsunami

What a tragedy of immense proportions. The images are burned in my minds eye, watching the powerful waters just take down buildings and towns, watching cars pile together like the kids Hot Wheels in a bathtub. Seeing the rescuers out trying to save those who weren't able to make it to safety. A most trying time for many.

So many peoples lives changed forever. There are many lives that are no longer. My heart and prayers go out to Japan as a country, and to the people, as they clean up this mess for years to come. I also hope that additional tragedy is not meted out by the power plants. Our prayers go out for them.

Yet, as to how many people could have been killed, kudos to the people of Japan in putting in a system that saved tens of thousands of lives. A warning system set up allowed many people to get to higher ground before the nightmare started to arrive 20-30 minutes after the quake. However, there were many people who either did not hear the warnings, were not able or prepared to abide the warnings, or (shudder) they opted to disregard the warnings and take their chances.

I wonder how often I hear the warning signs. There are signs all around us, many of which, I believe, are like those warning sirens that blasted the coastal cities of Japan. These sirens are of a different nature, the kind that cause us to stop and think if what we are doing in life is right, or if they are in the right place. The other night, I came to bed after Tiffany was asleep (I think I came to bed after playing ball at night). I woke her slightly as I crawled into bed. She turned to me, and in a daze, she said - 'Hey, I will pray for you'.

She doesn't remember it. Which has actually caused me to consider it a little more than I would have otherwise. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a choice coming up that will make me need the help? Is this a warning sign of things to come? I don't know. Which makes me wonder that much more - am I hearing the sirens blare, am I unprepared to understand what they mean, or am I simply ignoring them all together.

To those in Japan, we will continue to pray for you.

And for me. I will remember the Tsunami. It comes hard. It comes fast. And those that are prepared, shall not fear.


and also that you and I might live so that we may be a rescuer.




  1. Such a great reminder to me to keep myself prepared to hear the warning signs all around me. Thank you for your post!

  2. I love your thoughts!! They're inspirational