Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sick - a modern day thought

Porter became sick while we were out in Colorado. This was back on Feb 17th. He is just getting over his cold/whatever. In the meantime, Logan got sick. He still has his cough. Then Tiffany became sick. She is just about better - though it lingers. A month and a half later, the trend continued with Dallin and Emma who were both up in bed with stomach flu like symptoms this last weekend. They too are generally over it. I thought I had escaped. But it finally caught me yesterday.

Sickness gives us a chance to slow down. A chance to review our life and to think. Tiffany and I often find us making decisions after we are sick because of this slowdown. I think we often find we get sick because we are going too fast.

Is life too fast? Is it too stressful? If so, are we the ones that created it so or are we just stuck in flow of modern day living?

Just the other day was I deep in thought concerning cars, planes, and trains. Progress symbols each. One hundred years ago, going to the store was a once a week - once a month kind of thing. Today, we can go often. And we do. We do more. We sleep less.

Gone are the days of kid sleepovers. Gone are the days of neighborhood football games. Gone are the days of meeting at the vacant lot to see who can jump their bike the highest or farthest.

It was a simpler time when I grew up. I think that is the same thing each generation says. Organized sports then aren't what they are today. If you wanted to play football, you just called up some friends and played. No teams. No practices. No winners. Just friends getting together.

I am not sure what the next generation stands to lose. But it would seem like we lost a lot in this last one. Progress, some say, is good. But it comes with a hefty price.

I think I am sick of it.

Or maybe I am just sick.

But I can't wait for the next generation IPhone to come out. I hear it is even going to have transport ability to take us more places faster than before.

How exciting progress is.



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