Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update on Tiffany

Since this blog all started for Tiffany, let me take a second to update you all on Tiffany.

She went to the Doctor in February as a checkup. The blood tests came back with no news, though reported her platelet count to continue to be up - good news, as the low platelet count was the reason for all the concern in the first place. The Doctor told her not to come back until April, suggesting that he is feeling confident that doing tests every month is going to do nothing but enrich his wallet and deplete ours. Unless some other symptom(s) shows up, he will watch her every two or three months, and may decide to change that as needed at each appointment.

She feels fine, and is fine, and we continue to give gratitude to the Heavens for this blessing in our life.

I went to renew my temple recommend the other day, and in my interview with the Stake Presidency member, who knew generally the situation we were going through, asked how things were going. I suggested, as I do with everyone, that the prayers and faith of many people have caused a miracle in our life, that she was just fine, and we are living a generally normal life (if there is such a thing).

He then commented about a friend he has going through something similar, who, in an opportunity most today don't have, was asked by Elder Bednar (of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the LDS Church) if he had faith NOT to be healed.

In essence, he is asking, do you have faith, even if He does not heal you?

So I pose this question, does the foundation of your faith create an expectation to be healed? Do you pray in such a way that you demand and expect miracles?

I did. And sometimes still do.

I figured if you want a blessing, faith means you have to believe it is going to happen. And in some ways it does. You have to believe that prayer works. You have to believe that priesthood blessings work. If you didn't, you wouldn't do them.

But I think the foundation of faith required is not the expectation of good things to come, rather, it is simply a true and honest belief in the Savior of the world (stop and consider that for a moment), that he is truly able and willing to save us, and that He knows better than we do what we need.

And so sometimes I have heard, 'Tiffany was healed - she isn't going through what many others are and have had to, doesn't so and so have enough faith to be healed?'

And my answer will always be, I don't know.

Because I don't.

But to those that struggle through life's turmoils. Hang in there. We had a glimpse of the despair that comes with bad news. We know how that feels. We know how that hurts.

But we do know that no matter the situation, our Father in Heaven knows what we need, and will give us what we need though yet allowing us to learn different lessons in this mortal journey we call life.

We believed this before any good news came.

We would still believe it today even if the outcome were different.

Do you?




  1. Glad you're back. Your blogs make me smile and make me think. Thank you for that. Glad to hear that Tiffany's routine is changing for the better again. And good luck with selling your house! -

  2. It really does fill my spiritual cup to come here every once in a while. I had the same question for a while... I think that I came to the conclusion that when I pray...I need to remember that my Father in Heaven loves me unconditionally, even more than I love my own children (Being a mother affords me this wonderful glimps into what He feels for us as His own children). I need to remember that He is all knowing. That He only wants me to grow and that he will only do what will benifit me. I decided that I needed to have faith that I would be able to understand and find the lessons that I am to learn from any outcome. Thanks for the Posts, Nathan. :)