Thursday, March 17, 2011


At least that's what I would have thought of myself 10 years ago.

Tiffany and I signed up to run the Red Rock Relay down in Moab this coming May. It's good to be running again.

I began to run, not because I liked it, but because I need to.

I had this health kick about 3 years ago that made me decide to get serious and lose some weight. So I started running. And running. And more running. It was working. The weight was coming off. I kind of liked that. Then I got sick. The sickness stayed for 2 months and then I got plantar fasciitis - a strain in the foot causing me to try to stay off it while it healed.

So I stopped for a while - which turned into a while longer, which turned into a long while.

I recall sitting on the football field in High School stretching, watching all the cross country folk run around. I always wondered to myself, 'What was the point. Fools, all of them.' We (footballers) would laugh at them, and then we would line up and smack each other for hours on end. Who were the fools then?

So now 15 years later - I laugh at myself and call myself sick. Not as in cool as the kids say these days, but sick as I used it in my day (am I really old enough to say that?) - in a silly, what are you thinking, you are crazy, sort of way.

But that's what happens when you have four kids. You get sick, become crazy, and find any reason to get out of the house to allow you some time to cool down, expend energy, and have time to think. It also alleviates the stress.

And now I wished I had started running 10 years ago. I kind of like it now.

Seriously, I am way sick.



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  1. I think since Millie and Casey are dropping out of the Ragnar this year, the cousins may be looking for another runner or two! They could use those old long legs of yours! Good luck!