Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiffany Update

Tiffany went to the doctor on Wednesday to get her 3 month checkup, now 7 months after our big scare. We are still optimistically cautious and this checkup continued to help us to do so. Still no anomalies to report. All platelet levels check out, as well as everything else.

She is healthy, for which we will thank the heavens for the great joyous gift!

She has started (actually a month and a half ago) to train for a half marathon, with the vision to finish a marathon down the road. She continues to be my inspiration in so many things.

We still look back to that short period of life with awe and wonder. It will always be a period we will likely look back to and know there were choices, decisions, changes that were made that will make our life better.

Let's hope it continues!



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