Monday, July 18, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....

That's what our little girl is made of...but in her spare time, she loves everthing to do with snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, and even snakes. Today I heard a commotion screaming and running every which way. Soon, Emma and her friend, Adele, ran inside exclaiming excitedly that there was a snake outside and they were trying to catch it. Unfortunately for Emma, the snake was too quick and went into it's hole before she could get it. She ran inside yelling, "get a shovel!" Up went the garage door and out went the determined Emma. When that didn't work, she ran inside to ask if they could turn on the hose. That snake held it's ground and couldn't even be flooded out. After a while, I didn't hear anymore about the snake, so I assumed that they had dropped the issue and had moved on to something else.

Emma came upstairs a little later asking if they could use some yarn. I said yes, and then went about my work. A while later Porter and I decided to go outside for some batting practice and we found Emma and Adele tying the yarn around a poor snail that they thought would make a delicious dinner for a snake. Their plan was to lower the snail into the snake hole with hopes of catching a fish. They tried their lure out, but after a second or two, decided that maybe a snail would be too crunchy for a snake - The shell had to come off. I stopped watching after that.

Their snake hunting was not going well, so they decided they might have better luck in going across the street to the marsh and finding a snake there. So Porter and I went with Emma, Adele, and the poor naked snail on a string, across the street to find a different snake. Along the way, the girls found a ditch. In the ditch were little fish, along with mud, moss and stench. They waded in and caught a couple of little fish. As we walked back home, Emma said, “Well we didn’t get a snake, but at least we caught some fish.” Hmmm Fish versus snake is a pretty good trade off in my I'll take it; Along with my sweet bug lovin', snake catching, Emmie-lou who really is made of sugar and spice and everthying nice, with just a touch of escargo.



P.S. As I publish this post, there is a funeral being held outside for one of the poor fish caught just this day who didn't make it. May the poor thing R.I.P.

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