Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The World - Still Here

May 21st came and went, and as we have seen, there has been little world destruction. We have, however, seen a localized destruction in the form of a tornado in southern Missouri (misery?). More on that in a bit.

Part of me found this Harold Camping fellow a little too zealous for my tastes. His 'calculations' on the world ending, apparently, were off by five months (see today's new reports), so in another five months we will get to hear all about him again.

Predicting the end of the world is not new. There are religious zealots who have always and will always predict the 'end of the world'. Heck, the ancient Aztecs have probably the biggest prediction of the world ending in December of next year. If the frenzy created by this Mr. Camping fellow created such a stir, I wonder how much larger the talk will be as we near December 21, 2012.

Many of us call this guy 'crazy' or 'silly' or full of hot air. But is it wrong to believe in an 'end'? Essentially every Christian denomination agrees that there will be some sort of ending of the world. The bible is not quiet in this thing and creates a buzz in every religion that reads it. A second coming of Christ, a renewed earth, an earth draped in fire and destruction - it is all there.

And, yes, I do believe this. But, to say you know the day and the hour in which this will happen, I don't believe anybody can say. What I do know, is that we can always prepare. We can always live in such a way that allows us to be 'ready' for the event that would top all events. But to be ready means different things to different people. And the speed in which we prepare is different from person to person. It could mean putting money away for a rainy day, storing food and emergency items. It could mean changing your life, one day at a time, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It could mean we reach out to others to give a helping hand. It probably means we do more than sitting around and watching for the signs. We ought to be out changing and becoming.

Of course, it may not be in our lifetime. We may move on to the next life and may get to see this second coming from above. But, then, if we were prepared to meet our Savior when he came here on earth, we then would also be prepared to meet him if we met him on the other side of the grave.

Either way - one day we will know how it will all work out.



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