Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joplin - in our hearts

I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster.
~Catherine II

Our hearts go out to Joplin this week. We are saddened by the loss of life. We hope and pray for many miracles to happen as the time progresses and more people are found alive and well.

This incident, along with everything else that has been happening this year, and really the past few years, has been quite interesting. Tornado's, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Flooding. And my guess is that this may just be the beginning. Either I am becoming a lot more aware of natural disasters, or they are really happening a lot more often.

Staying away from the religious tenets that came up in my last post, all of these disasters have caused me to consider me and my family. Would we be prepared in the case of one of these things happening near me? Would I be able to take care of and keep safe my little ones (though, some, not so little any more)? Do we have a sufficient emergency plan that everybody would know what to do or where to go in case of emergency?

I hope that each of you take opportunity to consider what you would do under similar circumstances in Joplin. Or in Japan. Or Haiti. Or in your own backyard with your own possible disaster circumstances. For those of us not directly affected, we have more time to consider and prepare for the disaster that may ultimately change our life.

Hope you are ready. For if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. Or something like that.




  1. Speaking of own backyard. . .2 tornadoes, each more powerful and larger than the one in Joplin just grazed my back yard tonight. One on the north, missing me by 2 miles, and one on the south missing by about 10 miles. Luckily they missed most of the metro areas or we'd be seeing a lot more destruction and death. After seeing the destruction, I realized if my house was taken out along with all my provisions and vehicle, all my preparations would have been for naught, so then what? Redundancy in multi geographic areas may be the best option if an option at all. So what to do to be sufficiently prepared?

  2. We feel 'mostly' prepared...but I have wondered - in an event like Joplin's, would we be able to find our 72 hour kit - would it even exist anymore to be of any use. We prepare the best we can and hope that ALL the preparations we have made will help to sustain us through the hard times. Hugs to you guys - looking forward to seeing you soon.