Monday, May 2, 2011

Minute to Win It

So Tiffany came home from her exercise class and gave the kids some jobs to do. Emma and Logan are off track (the joy of year round school) and they both had to clean their rooms. Logan's job was simple. With three boys stuffed into their room, there isn't much room for a mess, so he was done within a few minutes.

Emma's room, however, is where the action happens. We have the old TV in there, with the Wii, add her gerbils and the room becomes a kid magnet. And anybody with kids can attest that where they are, cleanliness doesn't just appear. Suffice it to say that she had some extra work to do.

One thing with Emma is that you will find that she is a witty, common sense kind of girl. We laugh at the humor she displays as well as the well-thought out questions and answers to ours.

Today, however, this wit was used in a Tom Sawyer like fashion. Tiffany and I both over heard she and Logan in her room while she said, 'You have ten seconds to put this away - go!'. We would then hear footsteps running to take care of whatever Logan was tasked to do. We laughed at what she was doing, but laughed a little harder when we over heard her say, 'You got a minute to win it!'

Her room was clean in no time. And I don't think she moved a muscle, well, except her jaw.

Within a short time, she came bounding down the stairs, telling us her room was clean and that she was going off to play with her friends.

Not sure we should put a stop to this or not. How useful could that be when she becomes a mother?!



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