Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Rock Relay - Moab

Last weekend was the Red Rock Relay down in Moab. I haven't spent time in that part of the state since my best friend growing up invited me to go with his family to Lake Powell when I was 13. A long time ago. And I am sure I didn't appreciate the beauty back when I was more concerned about video games and licorice chews.

This last weekend was a blast - and a real trip. Tiffany dropped the two youngest ones at her moms house, and came back and picked me and the two older ones up and drove down to Green River, UT to stay the night. We met up with the rest of our team there and had dinner together, venturing another 50 miles in the morning into Moab.

For those that have done relays before, this is both the same, and different. Most of the relays around here - the Wasatch Back, or the RRR in St. George, or the Ragnar relay in Las Vegas, consist of 12 member teams each running 3 legs. Usually you start Friday morning and end sometime Saturday afternoon, with somebody from the team running all the time. This ends up being about 180 miles - give or take a few.

This relay included only 6 members per team, each running two legs, and going a total of 70 miles that starts in the morning and ends before the sun goes down. It was a different experience, but one that was tougher in some ways, and easier in others. But when all was said and done, it was an experience both Tiffany and I enjoyed. Running around the Colorado River, seeing the rock formations, including Tower rock, running up one side of the mountain and down another, we got a non-touristy view of the Moab area, and another experience that pulled Tiffany and I together as we went through another challenge together.

Our team name ended up 'Running from the Law'. Our team captain's husband works for the Utah Highway Patrol and thought we could get some good props for the vehicle through him and made the name fun. There are some creative names for many of the teams out there, and we added to that fun. Our team T's were jailhouse orange (though I think mine came out closer to a salmon/pink color) and each shirt made some sort of mention about being a convict. Katie decorated our van to make it look like there were bars on the windows and had placards that attached to the doors that said, 'Convict Transport Vehicle: Do not pickup hitchhikers in the area' - an added funny in that we were always opening the door to 'pickup' our runners - as well as all the other teams.

The two older kids went with their Uncle Travis (Tiffany's Sister was part of our team - So he came down to babysit our kids - along with his) and hiked in Arches National Park and played in some sand dunes and a few parks. They enjoyed their time and would like to go down there again sometime. I think we will.

Here are some pics from our experience.

Most of our Team: Carrie (my sister), me, Andrea (Tiffany's sister), Katie, and Jackson - John's son who was our cheer squad and water boy. (John not pictured nor Tiffany, who was probably taking the picture).

Our Van - er, convict transportation vehicle.

Me running along the Colorado River (not seen)

Tiffany taking off for her first run.

Tower Rock - before we climbed the mountain.

Tower Rock from the top of my last run. Not sure it was a run... more of a hike. It was too steep for me to run. I felt like a loser until at one point I looked over a ledge and saw 4 out of 5 runners also walking or 'hiking' up the road. Altitude and a steep incline kept most of us from posting good times.

Tiffany ready for the baton handoff from Carrie (my Sister)

Tiffany and Carrie showing off their guns - and convict T-shirts

Here is Tiffany again, lovin' those guns of hers. Who knew she was so vain?

Our Team: Andrea, Carrie, Me, Tiffany, Katie, Jackson, and John

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  1. Looks like this was a lot of fun. I don't suppose you are doing Ragnar this year too are you? Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.