Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My brother posed the question in my last post, essentially – how does one prepare for certain disasters? 

He lives in and around the Tornado Alley, experiencing the chilling and I am sure frightening power of Mother Nature.  Had he prepared with food storage, water, and other essential emergency items, a tornado very well could rip them up and taken them away, being of no worth as there are no longer any supplies.

I have some thoughts on his question posed, but I thought I would try an experiment and pose the question to any readers who may be out there (and I am sure there are a few lurkers who check in from time to time) – How, why, and what would you do for preparations for natural disasters.  Feel free to respond concerning tornado disasters, tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes, etc. 

I am sure there is a wealth of ideas and thoughts out there – please reply with your own thoughts.  Tiffany and I would both like to know.



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