Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To the Weather Man:

Can we stop this weather, please? As much as we all love to ski, May is the time to put our skis up and get out the bikes. It is not time for more wet, cold weather. It is not time for more snow. It is not time to keep the heavy blankets on our beds. It is not time to bundle up when you go to school. It is not time to think of the dark days of winter.

It is a time to enjoy the cumulus in the sky while we take sunny walks with our families. It is the time that we open the windows throughout the day, for fresh air, to hear song birds, and to save our gas and electricity bills. It is a time to send the kids outside and get them away from the TV and computer. It is a time to prepare soil to plant gardens and flowers. It is a time to be outside to smell the wonderful scent of lilacs and tree blossoms. It is time for Spring.

Spring brings out the best in us as we go from dark and dreary to bright and beautiful. We become enthused to get out and do and become. The springtime allows us to renew ourselves while the world renews itself.

So if you wouldn't mind, would you add a few more days of sun to our coming days? We would appreciate it. Because before you know it, you will be forecasting 95 degrees with the hot and blistering summer. And we really would like to enjoy spring for more than a month.

If you would be so kind,



  1. This is exactly how I feel! I'm so not excited to go from 40 on Monday to 80 on Saturday. Please give me some 70s! Don't skip them!

  2. 79 degrees, light breeze and sunny here the last few days. Not looking forward to the Arizona 115+ Summer days...Ugh...Enjoy the 95 when it's upon you!