Wednesday, May 28, 2014

She is Home!

For those concerned individuals out there, I just wanted to share with you our joy as Tiffany has arrived home after a 6 day stay at Huntsman.  She had her moments up there that we were very grateful to have a wonderful facility to go to and grateful for the doctors and nurses who looked after her.

A special thanks goes out to Tiffany's siblings who have helped by either taking the kids or have stayed a few nights with her at the Hospital.

After having been in the hospital for 6 days, Tiffany was a little concerned that she would have to go back today (Wednesday) to start the second round of this treatment she is undertaking.  But, in contacting Dr. Glenn and her staff, we are pleased to find out that she will likely be home with us recuperating for the next week before she needs to go back and start that treatment.  Which we are indeed grateful to have that time.  Being the last week of school and with Logan's Birthday coming up on Saturday, she was worried she would miss some of the many activities the kids had planned.

But instead, she does get to enjoy them, and we are grateful that she can.



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  1. So happy to hear she is home! What a rough ride she has been on, but such a strong woman to endure. Always thinking of you guys - I still need to kidnap my niece and nephews (Pogo included) to come spend a weekend away. Sounds like you have lots of help but Brian and I are always here. Love you all so much!