Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Admittedly, Never a Dull Moment

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.
~Alfred Hitchcock

 A faze, a fog, a blurry memory.  All this describes what the last few days have been like.  A part of me isn't even sure what made it so.  Though, I can say, it has been quite the whir.

Tiffany's white count dropped to almost nothing on Monday, which was somewhat expected after the chemo infusion.  The chemo is essentially targeting the fast growing cells in her body - part of the reason why chemo patients hair falls out - but also the mucus membrane that protects your throat.  It also then targets white blood cells and takes your immunity down substantially.  Well, with the white count down and when your throat is very painful and you can't eat or drink, and you can't take medication, you become very susceptible to infection and fevers.  If Tiffany gets a fever, off to the hospital she goes, as she has no self-fighting immune system to ward it off. 

Yesterday, Tiffany had called her doctor and nurses and they told her to get another prescription that they hoped would take the edge off and allow her to eat.  I think it only induced her into some sort of subconscious state.  She would be awake talking to you for a minute and mid sentence, she would doze off.  A few seconds later she would reawaken and remember that she was talking to you, but wouldn't remember what about.  She would try to take some sips of some broth or yogurt, and halfway to her mouth she would fall asleep.  The poor girl even sometimes had a mouthful of food when she fell asleep.  I had to wake her up on many occasion just to be sure she finished the mouthful.

Well, last night she woke up at about 2 am crying with pain.  She fought through the pain to get some medication down and after what seemed like forever, it took effect, calmed her down, and put her to sleep.  In that same time we took her temperature and it was just over 100 degrees and caused us to be on the ready to head down to Huntsman.  Her temperature reduced slightly as she was falling asleep and we opted to wait till the morning.  She actually had an early appointment already scheduled down at Huntsman and had a good friend scheduled to pick her up at 7 am for the hours drive down.

Well, as I almost expected, after getting her labs and getting checked out, her fever was up above 100 degrees and they made the quick decision to admit her into the hospital.  They want to watch her and make sure they can control the low grade fever, pain, and food intake before they let her go.  What I was surprised with, however, was that they are suggesting she will be here for possibly a week.  Basically, they want her to be in the hospital until her white count rebounds back to a 'normal', whenever that is. 

Never a dull moment in our household! 

A big thanks to Tiffany's sisters and family for the help with kids and helping to keep Tiff company.  They quickly dropped their own plans to assist.  As have many others.   We feel loved, and in this time of craziness, nothing feels better than to know others have your back.

Though - to be honest - I hope we don't need it for too long.



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  1. LOTS and LOTS of prayers. Many times throughout the day. We love you all.