Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Nice Relaxing Day!

"The time to relax, is when you don't have time for it."
~Sydney J Harris

Tiffany relaxing at Hunstman - Terrace Level
It is Sunday afternoon.  We spent the better part of the early afternoon on the terrace.  It was a very nice relaxing time, admittedly, here at Huntsman.  The umbrella up, chilaxing in the reclining chair, the cool breeze wafting across the scene.  Tiffany turned to me and says,

"This is when cancer makes me feel guilty!"

My reply (with tongue planted firmly in my cheek),

"Yes, I am very sure that everybody would trade places with you, just so they could be out on this terrace enjoying this moment!"

That Tiffany.  I probably give her too much credit and boost her up more than I should, but the problem for me when I talk to people, is this is one of her only flaws; That she feels like she isn't deserving of something good.  To think that she should not enjoy her time out on the terrace on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Yes, we have good people taking care of our kids, dog, and more (like a sister-in-law running off to buy some more clothes for Tiff as the stay here at Huntsman has lasted a bit longer than we expected).  And that is what she feels guilty about.  But they are doing it, not because they need to score brownie points or check off a list of things to do, but because they know that what she is going through, she (we) needs some help.

"Besides," I had to remind her, "remember that bloody nose that lasted two hours last night?  The one where the 6 different nurses were busy working on you and ended up having to transfuse a bag of platelets into you blood stream to get it to stop?  Or how about the blood count dropping and needing a blood transfusion at 3:00 am - just a few hours after the platelet transfusion?  Or then there is the throat pain you have had for a week!.  Want me to go on?"

I didn't think so.

I could have gone on, putting her back in her place.  You know.  They way sometimes we husbands have to with our wives.  But enough was said.

Four days in the hospital, unsure as to why platelets and blood counts are dropping.  We expected them to drop the first week or two after the treatment.  But this third week, we were expecting a rebound in both blood counts and energy.  But, as seems to be the case lately, it wasn't going on based on our plan. 

We are crossing our fingers that we can go home tomorrow, but it is probably best not to plan for that.

Until then,

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes, we truly appreciate them.



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  1. Tiffany, I love you!!!!! Nathan, I am glad you reminded her that she deserves every moment of peace and happiness that comes her way. I was worried about you two when I didn't see anyone at church today. I'm so glad that you were together enjoying a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Praying for your speedy return home.