Friday, May 23, 2014

2 Confirmed!!!!

This is just a quick note, for those that may be interested; Tiffany has 2 confirmed donors!

We don't know who, where, or anything other than that we have been told that there are two confirmed donors.  Due to patient confidentiality, we do not know who.  I would imagine that one day we may be able to find out.  And we hope so.  But for now, the news that we have two is wonderful news indeed.

For those still interested to donate, please do so at  There may be others out there needing your marrow.  Give the gift of life, donate today!  (I should be a spokesperson :) )

It does sound like the donors are not in the Salt Lake City vicinity as the coordinator suggested that the donors would donate on one day, the marrow would then be transported fresh, and then Tiffany would get it the next day.

To all those who have signed up to be a match for Tiffany - thank you.  That means the world to us.




  1. So incredibly wonderful! Calling down the powers of heaven in her behalf!

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  3. Prayers being sent for all of you!!!

  4. Such great news you guys! Hope Tiffany is feeling a little better.