Thursday, March 7, 2013

When We Practice to Decieve

The other night, Porter, 4, almost 5, was called upstairs for family prayers.  As he walks into the bedroom, he is licking his fingers, and Tiffany asks, 'What were you eating?'

Porter thinks for a couple of seconds and says,

'Um, nothing.'

Tiffany asks again, 'Porter, what were you eating?'

'Um, an apple.'

We haven't had any apples for a few days now, so not only is our 4 year old lying to us, he is trying to deceive us.  Two very different things, I think, neither one a good characteristic to have.

Tiffany threatens no TV or computer the next day and asks again, 'Porter, what were you eating?'

'I'm thinking!,' came his obviously frustrated reply.

Why he has to think about this is beyond me.  No doubt trying to figure a way out of this predicament.  But alas, after TV and computer have been taken away, he finally succumbs to forced humility and says he had stuck his hands in the sugar jar.

Not a grave sin, though he knows better not to.  Funny, had he just told us what he did to begin with he would have been told simply not to do that, and we would have moved on.  Instead, some of his favorite things have been taken away.

I wonder, do we do this often?  Perhaps in not so simple a manner, but do we do things that we ought not, and when caught, instead of owning up to it we come up with silly answers that our Father in Heaven shakes his head in disbelief as we try to wiggle our way out of the situation?

An interesting and possible thought provoking question on how we act.

"Oh, the webs we weave, when we practice to deceive."


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