Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Beat Goes On

Two days into this whole chemo thing, and Tiffany is sleeping more than normal.  She ended up taking three naps yesterday.  She has noted that though she feels tired like when she has been pregnant, her motivation to get up and do things, is not the same.  That said, she has noted she isn't sure if it is the chemo, the cancer, or the slight cold she has had for many weeks which continues to drain her of her energy.  Likely a mix of all three.

I have a friend at work who has been fighting cancer for about 6-7 years, and has had a similar chemo regimen, though I don't know how similar or how different.  In talking with him, he said to expect this.  There will be days that she will feel able to get up and do things.  There will be days she won't. 

So as we start to get into this new way of living, it is still too early to know how this is going to effect her, but early on, it would seem she is worn down through physical fatigue, though there is likely some mental fatigue as well.

Hang in there, sweetheart, we will make it through this - together.



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  1. Aww that's got to be really hard. I hate those days when there are things to be done, but for whatever reason, whether time or energy, I can't do them. Wish we lived closer but let us know if we can ever help out!