Tuesday, March 5, 2013

...Survey Says?

Almost 24 hours into the first dosage and Tiffany is generally fine.  We didn't know what to expect, honestly.  She did get a little nausea last night, but after waking up this morning felt mostly refreshed for a new day.  She even tried to go workout.  She came home from that suggesting it took more out of her than she expected, but from everything we have read and from what the doctors said, she should be doing these kind of things.  We are sure that as more pills are popped and she has been on the drugs for a while, she will likely feel the effects of it more, so only time will tell how this will affect her.

That said, just as she began this treatment, Logan ended up staying home sick from school with a fever and a cough.  And now, Tiffany just left to go pick Dallin up from school as he called saying he is sick.

And so begins our new life with pill popping Tiffany; quarantining the kids every time they get sick.  The kids want mom when they get sick, now they get dad.  There is just somethings that moms know how to do that dads just don't.  Sure, we dads can treat them just as moms would, but when you are sick, they need mom, and there's no replacement for that.
Lucky for me, they should survive any way.



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