Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little Peace and Thankfulness

What do you do when you are taking chemo for cancer and three of your four children get sick?

Head to moms house, of course.

We had my brother and his wife stop in last night on their way up to Grandma's funeral.  In the middle of talking with them, I had to get up three or four times to go help Porter deal with his stuffy nose, croupy cough, and cranky ways.  The second time I was helping him, it dawned on me that Tiffany can't hang around here any longer than she needs to, and since my brother was heading up towards her parents home, why not send her along with them?

She readily agreed, not wanting to get sick and then having to get treated for it along with everything else she is being treated for and my brother and sister-in-law didn't bat an eye at the idea.  So today, at least, she should be well enough away from the kids and give them one more good night of sleep to get over their colds/viruses and allow us to sanitize the house for her return.

We are appreciative to all those who have stepped up and have been good to us.  Not only due to recent events, but also life long friends and family who continue to show love and charity towards us.  We hope we can take care of ourselves most often.  But there are times I am glad we have friends, and especially family, who are willing to go a little out of their way to help us out; drive Tiffany to her parents house, take her in for some time, driving carpools, bringing pizza over, watching kids, and the list goes on.

Thank you.

You may never understand what a blessing you are in our life.


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  1. I popped in here on a whim, wondering what the Miller's were up to. What a wonderful woman she is! I hope her treatments go well. We will keep her in our prayers!