Monday, March 4, 2013


She was 91.  And yet, it seemed like it was too soon.  Too many lives depended on her courage, her wisdom, her love.  She went around doing good, always cheerful, always smiling.  Even the past few years as her physical abilities waned, her mental capabilities were sharp and the attitude of happiness never faded.  The concern for others was strong, never minding her own ailments, just hoping for others to see it through to a sunny day, even if the clouds that hung over her were dark and grey.  She was indeed the very embodiment of charity.  A character trait that seems too few seek for, and even less achieve. 

It was January 4, just two months ago, we had just had an MRI done, but no follow up appointment had been done.  We were struggling setting up an appointment with the correct neurosurgeon and somewhat frustrated in our attempts.  Tiffany and I were keeping most of the information quiet until we knew more, when we received a phone message upon our return home from one of life's activities.  The message, sweet, simple, yet somewhat lengthy, was essentially this...
'Tiffany, I haven't talked to you for a while.  I wanted to call because I thought I should call you.  Wanted to hear about your health, hoping all is well.  Love you, good bye.'
Grandma knew something wasn't right.  She always knew when things were amiss.  Always new when a phone call, gift, or note was needed, and never seemed to hesitate to do something about it.

Almost 14 years ago, I brought Tiffany with me as I went over to help Grandpa with something around the house.  We had recently started our summer fling (which, BTW, has been the longest summer fling ever!) and though the relationship was new, she came with me to meet my grandparents.  Tiffany noted then, and many times since, how welcome she was made to feel, and how a friendship ensued.  Grandma would call Tiffany out of the blue many, many times over the years.  Tiffany would do the same.  I am sure the bond was no different than many others Grandma had within the family, but it seemed special to Tiffany.  Grandma had a way of making you feel special.  And we will always feel her love.

You see, my Grandma Miller, slipped away into the world beyond last night.  We were lucky enough to have made it to her bedside yesterday before she moved on and whisper in her ear our final good byes until such time the opportunity arises to be together again.  We left, not knowing how long she would remain around, but leaving while a large contingent of family was with her.  There was a longing to stay, it didn't seem right to leave, but with a small brood of young children, we knew they would only last for so long.  We received word 3 hours later that she past peacefully from our world to the next surrounded by loving family members, both those physically there, and the many that were unable to be.

Grandma, we will miss you and look forward to the day we will meet again.

Until then, we hope you enjoy your journey in the world of spirits, and we will try to do the same without you here.



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