Monday, October 3, 2011

OK, so it's been a while... So what?

'A good intention clothes itself with sudden power'
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The best of intentions don't always relate to finished deeds.  Especially if you are me.

My parents know this about me.  Since I left home 14 years ago to seek fame, fortune, and whatever else came my way (where is the fame?  where is the fortune?), I have wished them many belated birthday wishes, and sometimes, none at all.

Oh, I have good intentions, I do.  In fact, my mom's birthday and fathers day usually line up on the same weeks, or close to it.  So this year I went to get them birthday cards.  And if my memory recalls, I even told them I was doing it (like I was on the phone with them at the store while I was doing it, or was on my way to the store, or something along those lines).

I purchased the cards.

And today I found them in the glove box.

Now, I know I missed sending these cards out.  But there seemed to be something more important at the time than writing and sending a card. 

I don't know what that thing was, but it must have been more important, at that time.  I must have figured, "I will get to it, hey, I have already the cards - that's more than I usually do!"

But it didn't get sent.

So, as often happens, I feel sheepish anytime I talk to my parents.  And they probably love me any ways, but the fact that I didn't do my part, makes me feel just awful. 

But usually not awful enough to get those cards in the mail.

So instead, I come up with a scheme to make things better.

At least, a scheme that makes things better for me.  I hope it does for them too.

And so it goes, I write in the blog today, with good intentions.  Intentions to update frequently.  Intentions to finish deeds.  Intentions to keep writing that lifts, inspires, and dazzles.  For if it does none of these things, I should just keep my thoughts in my journal.

And perhaps, that, is where this is best suited any ways.


I think I am back.  (Though you will have to wait until next post just to see.  Gotta keep you guessing!)


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  1. The old adage, "IT's the thought that counts!" applies here. No problems, 'K?! Besides, I know how it goes (I think you got this from me, BTW): Got the card, will only take a moment to get it ready to go, but somehow it gets forgotten so though I had it in plenty of time, it becomes a belated card after all. :( Yep, I know all about it, and you can blame me.