Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Not sure if it was the hair that was crazy or what, but we had a funny incident the other day.

We have a problem, we have elementary age kids in different schools. Each of the schools do seperate, but sometimes similar campaigns that allow the students to learn or do something during school. For two of the three kids, it is currently what they call red ribbon week - something to do with safety. Both schools do something like this, the timing and exact events may differ a bit, however.

Each day the kids get to do something along a theme to engage them in the process. One day it is wear red day. Another it is wear pajama day. Yet another is what they call crazy hair day.

Somehow, it was determined, that both schools were on the same page. So all three kids wore some sort of red yesterday. And they all came home excited for the next days event - Crazy hair day.

So they all get up in the morning and do something crazy to their hair. Emma had this idea to put a cup on her hair and pull her hair around it. I thought it was a brilliant idea that Tiffany somehow pulled off.

Logan wanted not only to do his hair crazy, but to spray it with different colors. We did not have any colors and Tiffany opted not to go figure out how to do that, which you will see was a stroke of motherly intuition, unknown to her nor Logan.

So off to school they went. Tiffany went to drop Logan off at his carpool while she ended up taking Dallin and Emma to their school. As she dropped Logan off, one of the girls from this carpool came outside, her hair all done very nicely. Tiffany, now questioning if it was crazy hair day, asked as politely as she could,

"Is it crazy hair day today?"

At once this young woman put her hand up to her hair, horrified that it may have looked out of place. You see, she didn't think it was crazy hair day, so any suggestion that said it was meant that her hair must be messed up.

However, the horror was now on Tiffany's face, only being grateful that she hadn't colored Logan's hair. Logan, being our tender-hearted, never wants to stand out, kid, started to cry at the thought of going to school with crazy hair when nobody else was. Emma then proceeded to tell Logan that his hair was cool and that it didn't look crazy, all the while Tiffany was trying, with her might, to slick down his gel-laced hair from it's frizzyness it then looked like.

According to her, she did a decent job, though imperfect at best under the timing and situation. Emma, being a kind sister in a time of need, kept on telling Logan it looked cool and didn't look out of place.

And so they went to school, on crazy hair day. At least at one of the schools.

Let's hope we can remember which school is doing what when it is pajama day. If not, one of the kids may be living a bad dream that I think we have all had at one time or another.




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  1. That is so funny you guys! We only have one elementary school, but somedays I still struggle. There's nothing like being prepared and finding out your efforts were unnecessary...