Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jingles, the Elf

We have a friend that starts rolling into our life about this time each year.  Though really, he is with us year round, he mostly helps out during the Christmas holiday season.

You see, Santa can't do his own reconnaissance work.  If all he did was spy on children, he would be too busy to make toys, check on the reindeerr, and get fat.  Indeed, with all the running around he would be doing, he would be one skinny man.

So to help him out are his Elves.  From our understanding, their are many different departments the elves can be a part of.  From toy making to shipping and receiving, from animal care to, well, child surveillance services.

And within those organizations, just like any large organization, are supervisors, managing directors, VP's and so on.

A few years ago, I came in contact with one, Jingles, the Elf.  From all intents and purposes, he is in the upper echelons on the Child Surveillance Services.  High enough where he has direct access to Santa, which has got to be a rare thing as there are thousands upon thousands of elves, and not everyone can have access to Santa.

But Jingles does.  And he has become our family's direct line to ensure Christmas plays out well for each one of us.  We make contact with him, and him us, on a constant basis as we move into the holiday season.  Thanks to email (he has his own email address he sends the kids, and me, information through) and phone conversations we communicate most effectively.

First and foremost, he takes his surveillance job very seriously.  He is constantly watching our children, and via email or a phone call, he will let Tiffany and I know how they are doing.   He will even send the kids a personal email or two to help them know what they can do to improve their chances of receiving a gift from Santa. 

There have been many years that even up until Christmas Eve, we would have to contact Jingles on a last minute basis to see if they had earned the dreams of sugar plum fairies while they slept those nights.  On more than one occasion, we felt our parental duty to call up Jingles and offer an explanation as to why one child or the other was acting up, explaining that we were just trying to help him out in his duties.  He was always appreciative, and being true to what Santa stands for, continued to give the kids more chances to behave, to work, and to enjoy the season.

All in all, he does a great job helping us to have a more enjoyable, productive holiday season.  But he also seems to have his foot in the R&D (research and development) department.  I will tell more about this in our next post, but suffice it to say, he has offered us to Santa as guinea pigs in a research project some of the elves are putting together.  So we have been working with him since April or May to ensure this project goes without a hitch.  We are little over two weeks away from the start of this project and Tiffany are excited for it...  To Be Continued...

For the rest of you.  You should get in contact with Santa's surveillance team.  It does wonders when kids aren't doing what they should be doing.  Or simply email Jingles yourself.  Ask, and I will give you his email address.  :)

Any ways,

Cheers, and have a happy day!


  1. ok - I'm asking - mostly because I'm curious - but I also have some friends that this would be a life-saver for.

  2. oh - didn't know if you had heard our news.... Amanda and Dustin are expecting in April.

  3. We need a Jingles!! Is he really willing to share his email address??